Preparing for an autonomous future

14 May 2018

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The Linfox owned Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) is supporting the automotive industry as it moves towards greater autonomy of vehicle control and operation.

The 1000 hectare proving ground plays a major role in the innovation of vehicle components, passenger cars and heavy vehicles in Australia. The many kilometres of onsite tracks feature varied terrain, gradients and surfaces, designed to push vehicles to their limits and accelerate the testing process.

AARC is now planning to transition its facilities to accommodate the development of digital technologies to Australian environment and regulatory conditions, and is already meeting the needs of key users such as Bosch, Rheinmetall Defence, Toyota and Volvo.

Modifications have already been made to existing test sites, including road markings and signalling for autonomous vehicles on the 4.2km Highway Circuit. AARC also intends to replicate facilities from the USA and Europe such as the formation of real life urban settings including intersections, buildings and simulated pedestrians.

The development of a syndicate of tenants and regular users including Bosch Australia, Monash University, and General Motors will ensure the design of specialised autonomous vehicle facilities and infrastructure development meets the needs of the industry.

Additionally, as technologies are progressed AARC anticipates there will be an increased demand from regulators, planners and researchers for educational events such as the 2018 Smart Mobility Show where the proving ground will showcase some of the biggest names in the fields of electrified transport, shared mobility and autonomous vehicles. The secure environment enables live demonstrations of new developments and the opportunity to experience these innovations first hand.

As the largest proving ground in the country, AARC intends to be a key player in the approval of new automotive technologies for the Australian market. With assistance from industry partners and plans for leading edge facilities in the pipeline, AARC is on track to become the first dedicated test centre for autonomous vehicles in the Asia Pacific Region.