Where to Stay

There are many options available for accommodation in the Surf Coast region centred in Anglesea, Torquay, Geelong and Lorne.

Below you'll find some options for each town and scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to additional list. 


novotel hotel geelong

Novotel Geelong

Website: Novotel Geelong

Phone: 03 5223 1377

Email: reservations@novotelgeelong.com.au

Distance to AARC: Approx. 50 minutes drive

peppers sand v2

Peppers The Sands Torquay

Website: Peppers the Sands Torquay 

Phone: 03 5264 3333

Email: sands@peppers.com.au 

Distance to AARC: Approx. 40 min drive

Great Ocean Road Resort v2

Great Ocean Road Resort Anglesea

Website: Great Ocean Road Resort

Phone: 03 5263 3363

Email: enquiries@greatoceanroadresort.com.au

Distance to AARC: Approx. 25 min drive

Mantra Lorne

Mantra Lorne

Website: Mantra Lorne

Phone: 03 5228 9777

Email: lorne.res@mantra.com.au

Distance to AARC: Approx. 50 min drive

cumberland lorne resort

Cumberland Resort Lorne

Website: Cumberland Resort

Phone: 03 5289 4444

Email: reservations@cumberland.com.au

Distance to AARC: Approx. 50 min drive

or more information on surrounding locations, please visit:

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