About Us

AARC Australia's unique vehicle proving ground.

The Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) offers an extensive range of evaluation facilities to all vehicle and component manufacturers.

AARC occupies a 1000 hectare site near Anglesea, 125km south-west of Melbourne and is the largest privately owned and independently operated automotive testing facility in Australia.

Test facilities encompass virtually all driving conditions found in Australia, accommodating vehicles from passenger cars and four wheel drives to heavy trucks and mining equipment. There are many test roads and a variety of surfaces, including a 4.2km hot mixed surface road designed for testing component and vehicle durability. Other roads and sites include a series of gravel and dirt surfaces designed specifically to test road and in-cabin noise, suspension, braking and traction control systems, dust entry, cooling systems, chassis durability for trucks, and many other aspects of vehicle performance. There are also areas designed and approved for testing and development relating to Australian Design Rules (ADR).

AARC also offers extensive testing for four wheel drive components and vehicles. There are many kilometres of roads and tracks with varied terrain, gradients and surfaces. Test areas include vehicle fording, mud bath, rocky terrain, and approach and departure angles.

Under jointly agreed conditions, AARC allows the construction, by its clients, of engineering test sites specific to that client. This ensures clients can conduct exactly the research and development they require.

AARC is Linfox Company within the Linfox Property Group portfolio.

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