Site Induction

Before arriving at the AARC Automotive Proving Ground we ask that you complete our online induction to ensure you are aware of the regulations and safety requirements whilst on site. You can only complete this on a laptop, computer or iPad.

Please follow the steps below to complete your induction:

1) Print and sign the linked Indemnity Form and hand this to AARC staff on arrival.

2) Download and read the Regulations and Safety Instruction Manual (below)

3) Click 'Start Induction' and login, or if you are a new user click 'Sign Up'. You will receive a confirmation email confirming your new account. Please note if your work email is protected by high security you may need to create an account with a personal email address in order to receive your confirmation email. For assistance call 03 5288 7306 or email

4) Watch the Induction video and complete the short questionnaire (allow approx. 15 minutes for this)

5) Book your site tour by calling the AARC office on 03 5288 7306

We look forward to seeing you on site soon.


Download Regulations & safety instruction manual

To proceed, please tick the box to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Regulations and Safety Instructions.

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