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A pioneer in active safety, Bosch developed the first production-ready Antilock Braking System (ABS) in 1978 and co-launched the first Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with Daimler-Benz in 1995. 

Formerly a direct supplier of ABS and ESP to Australian vehicle manufacturers, Bosch Australia continues to provide its expertise in ABS/ESP active safety software and application services for an extensive range of local and international OEMs as well as project management services for brake actuation and wheel speed sensor products. 

Bosch Australia also conducts verification testing of brake and ESP systems for vehicle OEMs and aftermarket modifiers, including Electronic stability control (ADR88 / FMVSS 126, Sine with Dwell), Brake systems for passenger cars (ADR31), and Brake assist system (ADR89) regulation testing.

More recently, Bosch Australia diversified into developing active safety products for the trailer and caravan market. It is now the global centre of competence for Bosch Trailer Safety Control.

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Test Drivers & Project Management

Test-Trak is a field testing organisation that has worked with most of Australia’s car manufacturers as well as several high profile European and Asian manufacturers. Test-Trak use AARC’s facilities to perform accelerated durability tests to identify quality and safety issues and develop countermeasures before consumers experience them in the field. For more information on their performance and durability testing, project management services and test drivers, visit their website:

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Emissions Testing

ABMARC provides policy and regulatory analysis or development, business planning and market insight, as well as comprehensive test, research and evaluations. With the only commercially available Portable Emissions Measurement System in the Australia they are also experts in evaluating fuel consumption, particulates and gaseous emissions from engines. To learn more about their test services available at AARC enquire here:


Consulting Engineers

Antest offers bespoke automotive consultancy services, tailored to the service and performance goals of emergency services, corporate clients, individual vehicles, and fleet organisations.  With more than 30 years combined experience in automotive engineering, testing and certification, our team will deliver a fully compliant solution for your vehicle, organisation or product certification needs.

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Australian Design Rule Certification

Protech Developments has provided ADR Certification and Engineering Services for over 27 years. Their services include development and testing to ADR’s and preparation of documentation for submission to The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, Vehicle Safety Standards (VSS). They also specialise in vehicle benchmark testing, durability testing, cold weather and hot weather testing along with data logging. Learn more here: