Getting Behind the Wheel with AIC

30 August 2022

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AARC had the opportunity in April to get behind the wheel with Auto Innovative Centre (AIC) and it was worth every minute of it! 

This video features AIC prepping their Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series with their ABD Steering Robot, associated controllers and OxTS IMU for a very rainy demo displaying typical usage to conduct Sine-with-Dwell ESC testing.


A note from AIC's Aidan Koay (Automotive Date and Testing Specialist):

In-vehicle setup of the equipment is demonstrated followed by operation of the robot utilising the handheld deadman switch. When the handheld switch is applied during a programmed test cycle, the steering inputs are taken over by the robot and control system until the switch is released. The laptop is displaying the RC8 Robot Controller software that we utilise to program and control the system, whilst also allowing us to read essential vehicle and GPS information.

Within an official ESC test (conducted in the dry), the maximum amount of steering input increases in calculated increments for each consecutive run. Typical entry speeds for the test are at 80km/h into the AARC DHF area. The maximum steering input within a test is up to 270 degrees at a frequency of 0.7Hz, which would be impossible to do accurately without a Steering Robot.