21. Rough Course

Accelerated durability testing and stress analysis.

800 metre loop hotmix curves. 42 metre radius curves.
200 metre x 4 metre Rough Road.
200 metre x 4 metre Corrupt Highway (straight - 30mm bumps)
200 metre x 4 metre bluestone pitchers section.
200 metre x 4 metre Bumped Curve (50mm bumps).
200 metre x 4 metre small concrete corrugations section.
200 metre x 4 metre Large Sine corrugations section plus off set.
50 metre Chassis Twist section, 300mm obstacles. 

40 metre concrete brake pad.

Suitable for use by cars, trucks, buses, caravans, trailer's for a range of testing from rattles and squeaks to suspension, new components and accessory items such as roof racks. 

Watch AARC tenant Rheinmetall put its Australian Army vehicles through their paces on the Rough Course here.

AARC December2017 040

ROUGH COURSE Chassis Twist DSC 3975

Technical Specifications

200m x 4m rough straight and curved sections
800m hotmix loop
200m x 4m large and small concrete corrugations